Tai Chi Qi

Student Comments

  1. “Dear teacher, So true. Thank you for thinking of me.  I appreciate your messages from the heart.  Our son is in Iraq now.  I thank God for email communications.  I try to be as brave & courageous as he is about this mission.  I do believe in God’s plans for all of us.  I continue to work on my lessons from you to restore my body to good health.  You were sent to the Pointe for a reason and I am thankful to call you teacher.  I hope your studio is blessed with many students and that you continue to spread the news that natural healing is possible through physical motion.  You are a gift to all who know you. Your student.”
  2. “You are a wonderful teacher.  I think God sent many of us to you for healing and inspiration.  Keep up the good work.  Yes, I practice.  I am no master of anything, however, my body releases its stresses by clearing through mind and body control of your exercises.  May God continue to bless you and your students.”
  3. “I have worked on balance and relaxation since we last worked together.  I count your lessons & encouragement as a blessing for my well-being.  I know I have much to learn, but I am getting better.”
  4. “You are an inspiration to all of us who have met you and studied with you.  I center myself and calm my body and spirit using the basics that you shared.  Thank you, teacher.  I am so happy for your successes to bring you honor and well-being.”
  5. “Tai Chi definitely give me more energy therefore taking less nap.  It got rid of my seasonal allergy this season and I don’t catch cold as often this year.”
  6. “I think that all of your exercises helped my upper back because I was definitely feeling  better the next day.”
  7. “It is an honor to have you as a teacher. I’ve learned a lot especially in the biomechanics of Tai Chi.”“I like to video tape your “24”  “I think your 24 form is the best in St. Louis… I’ll be happy if I can just get close to your level.”
  8. “I wanted to tell you that your form is sooooo beautiful, so so very beautiful!  I hope that mine will someday look like that.  I can’t do it like you, but I can certainly recognize it when I see it.  Good job!”
  9. “I agree with them that your form is the best, even a beginner can see the difference right away.  That’s why people are asking to be your students.  You have a gift, and it is even more precious because you are using it in a positive way, i.e. teaching others so that they may benefit from it.”
  10. “You will always be my Sifu.  You are such an Angel.  You have good Taiji.  You are a good teacher.”
  11. “Thanks for your endless encouragement, understanding, and support.  You are a great teacher; such a good heart.”
  12. “It was a wonderful experience learning Tai Chi from you.  You are a very sweet, intelligent & obviously knowledgeable person.”
  13. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me and for our Tuesday night class!  I love that you’ve been so flexible in adding exercises for the low back and trying to help each of us get through our problems.  It has meant so much to me.”
  14. “Thank you, you are very encouraging to me and that is part of what keeps me coming to this class.”
  15. “I exercise daily. I’ll never be a master of the moves, but I know they help improve my body, balance, and well-being.  Thanks you for all your prayers and encouragement.”
  16. “Thanks for your notes and your understanding.  The scaro-ilitis is a new problem for me although I’ve had bursitis for years which comes and goes on its own timeline.  I also have early morning hand swelling that comes and goes on its own clock as well.  When it’s bothering me I wake up at ~ 4 am and notice my hands hurting and swollen.  By mid-morning all of that’s gone!  I also have fibromyalgia and a very stiff spine.  I don’t take anything for any of this except when it gets really really bad, because it’s not yet bad enough for me to take anything on a regular basis.  It nags me pretty much all the time, but it doesn’t insist that I try to treat it!”

    “I had the first bout of sacro-iliitis about 6 weeks ago after vigorous exercise.  I slowly came back to almost normal which is when I came to you.”

    “The good news is that this week I was MUCH better!  Many more hours of feeling OK with very few hours of being in pain.  I am, therefore, encouraged.”“Yes, my back is better and sometimes completely OK!”

  17. “I do think the Tai Chi Qi is helping me stay active and helping me towards healing.  Thank you.”
  18. “Tonight was my first actual class, I really enjoyed.  The other students are all very nice and about my age.  The instructor is nice but also very skilled and very knowledgeable. Definitely more of a workout than I thought it would be.”

    “Stayed pain free till Saturday!!  Quite a change from previous weeks!  Took XX and her friends to the mall last evening & all the walking started the pain.  Went to class today in pain, but left comfortable.”

    “Was able to clean part of the house with less resultant pain!“Back stiff starting at midback level & left S1 joint pain.  Did some stretching exercises, silk reeling, the acupressure point exercise and cleansing Qigong.  It’s better now.“Stiff and sore from all the moving and driving this weekend.  Went home comfortable after Tai Chi.”

    “Woke up a little stiff in lower back.  Better after stretching.  Got up late so not much time for tai chi now.  Will do more tonight.  Left leg & hip pain at ~ 8 p.m.  Forgot meds today so no mobic.  Relief with Tai Chi, Qigong, acupressure, forms, meditation..”

    “Feel great this AM!  No pain or stiffness!  Stayed comfortable all day!”

  19. “When I began 1½ years ago, I did not realize or even thought I was so stiff or had the movements of a walking robot.
    1. 1st example – It was extremely difficult getting down to sit on the floor, never in my life did I ever sat Indian style.  It was even worst getting off the floor.
      I am lighter going down the steps.  Before I had a very heavy foot noise as I landed on each step.
    2. 2nd example – When I fell down the basement steps and landed on the concrete floor, the impact was totally on my head and neck.  Every doctor was amazed that I did not break my neck or jaw, no broken bones.  All of it is a miracle that I am alive.
      I believe that daily practicing the “8 Pieces of Brocade” Qigong taught my  body how to bend and move during the fall.  Being flexible in motion.  If for some strange reason I cannot practice that day, my body truly misses that feeling of being alert and more energy.
      When I drive on a long trip, I have learned to stop periodically and do the “8 Pieces of Brocade.”  I feel relaxed, good and ready to travel on.  Also practice deep breathing.
      When I first started to learn the Tai Chi form, I was really fast, and could not feel any benefits.  Now, my brain and body relaxes to the slow enjoyable movements.  I know the whole body and spirit are working together to keep me the best I can be.”
  20. “Your lessons will bear fruit; you are a teacher.”
  21. “Master Z kept telling us that your form is very good and to practice with you.  On Sunday afternoon, he said the same thing to study with you.  Master Z talks about how well you learn, to study with you.”
  22. “The day that decision was made was the day your own school officially started.  You were a valuable asset.  Your character, your dedication and your forms are enough credential to attract students and association.”
  23. “In our last session you showed infinite wisdom in your teaching.  I will always support your superior talent and passion.  Thank you very much for what you’re doing for me, I am very grateful!”
  24. “I loved doing Tai Chi. AND you are such an amazing teacher/instructor/supporter of all of us.  Really.  It has been heartwarming to see the time you take and the care with which you reach out to each of us during class, even when we are fairly diverse and not progressing at the same rates.  I would love to figure out a way to get back into the class.”